Welcome to my online studio of photographic artworks. This site amalgamates earlier versions bringing together all works selected for Exhibition, Publication and Sale.

The gallery titles follow my main areas of work and within each you will find an extensive range of mostly new or recent work dating from 2005. A few older pieces can also be found from before this time mostly in Black and White. The main difference with this studio site is the reordering of images to follow the themes and the inclusion of recent work.

All feedback is most welcome however due to technical issues the “Contact Me” page is currently unavailable.

SCAPES sets out my ongoing relationship with landscape images using selection, extrapolation and size to capture the atmosphere of particular settings. These are further categorised into sub sets of Sea, Land, Industrial and Urban. As this work develops it will form the basis of a second book details of which will be published here.

PROSCENIA is the title of my first book and represents my particular approach to the depiction of buildings exteriors and interiors. In the main these have eliminated people from the image and concentrated instead on “the building as edifice or stage set”. The buildings are wide ranging in both style and function and are captured from my travels here in the UK, Europe and Australia.

ESSENCE depicts images from ongoing work which began as “The Virtal Garden” and has expanded as an exploration of tone and colour associated with each piece whether, Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers or Objects. Again this is an expanding series of images likely to be published in a further book.

SERIES reflects a diverse range of work capturing “patterns of change” or “aspects of settings” which a single image cannot reproduce. By combining in “series” these provide the viewer with a more detailed engagement and exploration of the subject.